Impact Point Co. is focused on helping Private Equity firms maximize the potential of their portfolio companies. Our team has deep experience working with Operating partners and portco C-Suites to identify and deliver value creation opportunities. 

We Understand the PE industry and how to help our client achieve their operational performance improvement goals. This includes the following fundamental differences, when compared to large corporates:

Bias towards action: We know that speed to deliver result is critical. Our core values are built around performance DRIVE as a key to success. We work directly with the PE and C-Suite to make quick decisions based on detailed analysis but focus on an expedited achievement of results. We often operate with uncertainty and do not fall into the trap of making decisions only through consensus.

Understanding of your investment horizon : We understand the bigger picture; PE firms are looking to create short-term value and that each portfolio company has an exit timeline , We consider the investment horizon as part of everything we do to help the portco achieve rapid success.

Prioritization based on maximizing value : We help portfolio companies with prioritizing initiatives and opportunities based on what will make a meaningful impact. We understand that rapidly growing EBITDA thorough growth opportunities and through cost efficiency opportunities is the main objective, and we have both the team and operational know – how to help maximize your potential.