Our mission is to rapidly accelerate the value of your company by providing the highest quality talent with deep experience, tailored for the middle market.

Impact Point Co. was founded by experts from top tier consulting firms with backgrounds in finance, accounting, operations, performance improvement and M&A to serve the middle market at competitive pricing.


We have a relentless DRIVE to do what’s right for our clients, deliver results, and develop our people.


We are direct. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations in order to achieve a common goal.


We show  respect for our people.  We encourage development and reward performance. We are approachable at all levels.


We demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and always put what’s right for the client ahead of profits.


We only deliver quality, quality, quality work that drives sustainable and palpable value.


We are doers, that execute with our clients as a team to achieve a common goal with speed and precision. 

How we work together

We are part of your team

Success is only achieved when we become part of your team and roll up our sleeves;  we understand how to support your teams, gain their trust, and help them grow

​SWAT team mentality

We quickly deploy teams when and where you need them to set you up for success, then quickly scale back down; we do this as many times and in as many areas as needed

Shareholder return lens

We are committed to delivering solutions that generate impact quickly and are sustained over the long term; temporary solutions don’t cut it

We are not here to stay

Every program includes a meticulously implemented capabilities enhancement component to ensure that when we leave, you can operate without us